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If gape is what you need, I have the perfect site for you. Its called Anal Gaping Videos and it includes anal gaping videos. Surprising, huh? Anal Gaping Videos doesn’t have a glamorous design or any gimmicks it just has anal gaping videos. Taking the tour, I saw more gaping asshole than I had in a lifetime. I was pleased to see all the stretched out assholes for free I was sure I would get this in the member’s area, so it convinced me it was worth my time to review. A trial membership to this site and a full monthly membership will cost you . I’ve seen lots of anal sites, but this is the first I’ve witnessed that was dedicated entirely to GAPE.

Anal Gaping Videos opened in May of 2019 and has updated twice weekly since then. All the archives are intact and will be for the lifetime of the website. Each video can be streamed in your browser at medium resolution, or downloaded in three levels of quality. All of these options are set up to accommodate any members, regardless of connection speed. The movies are all in Quicktime format and generally range from 15-30 minutes in length. Along with each full length, video is a huge gallery of screenshots from the videos.

The main page of Anal Gaping Videos has the six latest updates along with a preview of the two upcoming videos. Below that is a link to the previous updates that lead back to May of 2019. Most movies start out with a very short tease followed up by some rough anal. Sometimes the girl does a striptease and plays with some anal toys before getting hardcore other times she gets fucked in the ass by her partner right off the bat. In every scene, there is a large portion of time dedicated to just showing the gaping asshole. The girls are told to clench it in and out and are often pussy slammed while they spread their ass cheeks for the ultimate view.

Anal Gaping Videos is a very simple website that delivers exactly what it promises. I was impressed with all aspects of this site and have hardly any complaints. Each video has a new spread asshole in it for your pleasure that else could you want?

f you are looking for unquestionably XXX porn videos, you’ll like Buttman. As the name implies, their focus is on fine feminine asses, but those ends are just the beginning. Thees not much in the way of kink, but there are lots of bouncing tits, sucking and fucking, both front and back door, going on. They have some girl-girl scenes and a little that suggests bdm, but mostly its just good old, straight porn.


Once inside, navigation is easy. There are 1840 videos listed, of which the first 38 000offer still photos from their video and the choice of either Quicktime or Windows Media for viewing the whole movie. The remaining 136 videos offer you some pictures, but only the message, Full scene coming soon! which I take to mean they haven’t yet uploaded the videos.

The videos range in length from about 8 minutes to a little over an hour, with most falling into the area of about 35  45 minutes. The quality is less than great, with momentary glitches from time to time and the clarity could be a little better, but there’s no problem seeing all the action. The format is one where the cameraman audibly talks to the performers, complimenting the women and giving advice and direction to all.

All in all, the porn found on all these sites is definitely XXX and offers its members a lot of good, old fashioned viewing that will prove excellent for a stroking good time.