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The Amputee

I’ve heard of giving an arm or a leg to getting it on with the hottest babes, but The Amputee adds a whole new twist to this. Without going any further, and with a big smile on my face, I can honestly say that these guys (or more specifically, this guy) gets huge points for originality! I dare you to NOT take at least take a peek at the preview. If you can get through this review and still not click your way over to the site, I suggest you consider toning down your medication.

Do I really need to tell you that the main star at this original site is an amputee? But, as you try to get head around the notion of a one-legged black dude having sex with BEAUTIFUL young women, what may be missing below one of his knees is made up for with the huge extra he packs between his legs. While Pedro (the star of the show) may not be the studliest looking guy, he is definitely trim (early twenties) and can fully service even the highest maintenance of chicks!

Not only does this wild, self-proclaimed first amputee porn star gets it on with a new hottie each week, but from perusing his conquest manifest to date, there are over 60 episodes featuring a delightfully diverse ethnic mix of lovely ladies from 19 to 30 something. Ordinarily, with many sites involving mixed cultures, I would preface my Caucasian stats with a mostly, but in the case of The Amputee, most of the babes are Latinas and ebony chicks with some Asian and Caucasian to round out the mix.

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Aside from the obvious novelty factor (the Internet IS the ultimate circus), the quality of porn at The Amputee is very good by reality XXX standards. Each episode is presented in movie format with lots of options to best suit your specific computer and connection configuration. The navigation of the site is extremely simple (and colorful) with emphasis on user-friendliness. You can choose an episode from a thumbnailed list (updated each Tuesday) and then you can decide on movie or picture format. The picture galleries are screenshots from the movies – so dont expect much in the way of quality. The movies, however, are available to download or view in a streaming mode in High or Low (WMV, or Quicktime) formats. Each episode is broken out into clips you can view or download directly. You can also download or view the entire episode. I could not really find anything lacking in the video content, either from user options or quality.

The nature and format of the episodes are pretty consistent with typical reality porn, except for a few unique traits. As many of the models are from lands south of the US, the dialog is often non-English, but I doubt that this will do anything other than making each episode even more unique. Now Pedro does have this unusual habit of writing a comment on the forehead of his sexy conquests – some may find it a bit more demeaning than necessarily, but the site still seems genuinely playful in nature.

In addition to the Pedros sexcapades, membership to this site may include 16 other sites as well (if you choose the Incredible Pass membership). These sites also involve eclectic niches and themes: Big Tits Curvy Asses, Coeds Love Big Dicks, Cum Brushers, Daddy I’m a Whore, Human Toilet Bowels, I Love Black Cum, Midget Cum, Moms a Cheater, and The Boss XXX.

As a reviewer, when a site like The Amputee gives me such a break from all the other same old same old (and older) porn out there, I am obliged to direct you to sign up IMMEDIATELY for at least one month and help support innovation in adult XXX!