The Power of the Web

Imagine if instead of putting hours of your time every week into advertising with yellow page books, online ads, networking groups and cold calling (not that any of these are bad), if you just had customers calling you that already want your services. This is the power of a successful website. A good web site will inform potential customers about 웹하드순위 any questions or interests they have and direct them either to an online shopping cart or contact page where they will hopefully contact you and make a purchase.

All of this is very much within reach for the average business owner, but is to often not achieved by many businesses due to the lack of understanding of the entire process of obtaining a successful website. What happens in so many cases is we have part of the puzzle put together but are missing the other crucial pieces that are necessary to reach our goal. What some people don’t understand is that there are several factors that contribute to the success of our site and the fact that we have done some of those things right will not get us there without the other parts being in place. I will try to break down the factors that are necessary for us to reach our goal.

The first part is pretty simple, we need to have a site that is well designed, meaning that it looks good and is easy to navigate. Although this sounds pretty simple it is so often overlooked because we think that what we have is good enough, but what some of us are calling good enough is turning away customers. Many business owners either try to design their site themselves or have a family member or friend that “knows what they’re doing” do it. Being a small business owner myself I know the hardships of living from job to job, but I strongly believe the benefits are well worth the efforts to make sure you end up with an effective website. Many people are simply scared of the price tag, but you can find a good web designer at a decent price if you d your research and ask around. Finding someone that a friend or acquaintance has used in the past will be a valuable asset in your search but try to avoid having a student or someone that has very little experience doing it because their inexperience may steer you wrong.


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