How to Help Adult Children Living at Home Find a Job

Here are some things you, as a parent, can do to help your adult child find a job:

1. Help your adult child create a resume.

Your adult children living at home may be struggling to come up with meaningful experience to put on a resume, especially if they’re new grads. You can help by reminding them of all the projects, groups, clubs, and other activities they’ve participated in that may demonstrate certain skills or show a sense of commitment. You role 딜도 here should be strictly as an advisor. Be sure not to actually write the resume for your child – I’ll explain why when I tell you what not to do.

2. Offer job-searching advice.

Many young people today may not know how to look for a job beyond searching online job databases. Offer some good, old-fashioned tips like talking to friends, professors, neighbors, and so on. You can also remind them that hitting the pavement (or the mall) with a stack of resumes in hand can be a good way to get a starter job that will help them build experience and skills, and bring in some cash.

3. Work your network.

If you have friends or colleagues in a relevant field, it’s okay to suggest your adult child send them a resume, or contact them to ask for industry-specific advice. But do not send your child’s resume on to friends or colleagues yourself, as this can make you look pushy, and your adult child look helpless.

And here’s what NOT to do.

1. Do not write your adult child’s resume.

Why? Well, for one thing, it’s always a better strategy to teach your adult children living at home how to do something well, rather than give them the message that they can’t do it well enough by doing it yourself instead. You want to build their confidence, not take it away. Plus, if you kid lands an interview, they’ll have to know that resume inside out – which is much easier if they’re written it themselves.


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